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Switchboard Upgrade Sydney: Why You Need It & How to Do It Right

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An electrical switchboard, also known as the fuse box or power box, is important for distributing electricity safely and efficiently throughout your house or office.

Understanding the significance of a well-functioning switchboard and the importance of timely upgrades is crucial for every property owner.

Here, we will explore the reasons why upgrading your switchboard is essential.

We will also provide you with a simple guide to ensure a smooth and effective switchboard upgrade process.

Why Upgrade Your Switchboard

1. For enhanced safety

The switchboard is the heart of your property’s electrical system. An outdated or faulty switchboard can pose serious safety risks. 

With an upgrade, you can ensure that your switchboard complies with the latest safety standards, protecting your home and business from potential hazards like electrical fires and shocks.

2. To meet electrical needs

Today, we use more electrical devices and appliances than ever before.

Older switchboards may not have the capacity to handle the increased electrical load. This can lead to frequent tripping and inconvenience.

Upgrading your switchboard will provide sufficient power distribution for all your modern needs.

3. To avoid overloading the electricity

An electrical switchboard upgrade allows for the installation of modern circuit breakers, which are more efficient at detecting and responding to electrical overloads. 

This prevents damage to your appliances and reduces the risk of electrical fires caused by overloaded circuits.

4. Complying with the rules

Local electrical regulations in Sydney may require property owners to have a compliant switchboard. 

Switchboard installation ensures that your property adheres to the necessary electrical safety standards, giving you peace of mind.

The Right Way to Upgrade Your Switchboard

1. Assessment by a Licensed Electrician

Begins by hiring a trained electrician to inspect your existing switchboard. They will identify any potential issues and recommend the appropriate switchboard maintenance or upgrade for your home’s electrical system.

2. Choosing the Right Switchboard

Work with your electrician to select a switchboard that suits your electrical needs. 

Look for a switchboard with enough circuit breaker slots to support your current and future requirements.

3. Getting it installed by a professional

Switchboard installation is a task best left to professionals. 

A licensed electrician will ensure that the upgrade is done safely and in compliance with all regulations.

4. Upgrade circuit breakers

Modern circuit breakers offer better protection and control over your electrical circuits. 

Upgrading to these advanced breakers will enhance the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.

5. Keep up with switchboard maintenance

Once your switchboard is upgraded, make sure to schedule regular maintenance checks. 

This helps detect any potential issues early and keeps your switchboard functioning optimally.

How Fosse Electrical Can Help

Fosse Electrical understand the significance of a reliable and safe electrical switchboard upgrade in Sydney for your home or office. 

Our fully insured and certified electricians assess your current switchboard. And will guide you in choosing the right one to carry out the installation professionally. 

With our commitment to quality service and a lifetime guarantee on our work, we make sure that your switchboard or power box upgrade is done right, giving you a safe and effective electrical system for years to come.

Want to know more about our commercial, strata or residential switchboard upgrade in Sydney? 

Contact us today via form or call us at 1300367733.


The cost of a switchboard upgrade can vary based on factors like your location, the size of your electrical system, and the type of switchboard you choose. Generally, a basic upgrade can cost around $500 to $1,500, while more complex upgrades may range from $1,500 to $3,000 or more.

If your switchboard is old, outdated, or showing signs of wear and tear, replacing it is highly recommended. Upgrading to a modern switchboard ensures enhanced safety and better functionality for your electrical system.

Switchboard replacement involves removing your old switchboard and installing a new one with updated components like circuit breakers and safety features. A certified electrician will handle the entire process, ensuring a safe and compliant installation.

Consider a switchboard upgrade if you experience frequent power outages, notice flickering lights, or use multiple electrical devices that strain your current system. If your switchboard is more than 20 years old, it’s a good idea to have it assessed by a professional electrician for potential upgrades